Fumigation Services

There are many ways to completely control eradicate exterminate pests like; bed bugs rats, bugs, mice, mosquito, mouse, termites, other rodents etc  Pesticides may be less effective sometimes and for a thorough job you will need to call for professionals to help you out.
   You may be having trouble with bed bugs, rats, bugs, mice, mosquito, mouse, termites, other rodents call us to get your house properly fumigated
    Call us for that routine fumigation of your office we have all and know all it takes to properly get it done
     For ware houses that goods are stored its paramount that they are fumigated on a regular basis to prevent the loss and destruction of goods. Especially those with very attractive goods to pests, insects and rodents.
     We carry out fumigation of large and small containers around Lagos and its environs
     This is the most time consuming type of fumigation because it takes days to properly prepare the building for the release of the gasses gasses. Covering every window and exit point for air takes time.
       Rat, mice and rodent control is our specialty.

Container Fumigation Gas Checking and Venting

Almost every food substance or commodities such as rice, dried fruit and nuts are routinely fumigated before they are transported, to ensure that insect pests and eggs are not present within the commodity prior to distribution and packing. In addition other imported products such as packaged foodstuffs, furniture, and baskets  frequently require fumigation on arrival in the Nigeria sometimes as a precautionary measure or when insect presence is detected.

The phosphine gas normally the most effective gas that we use because it penetrates effectively killing all insect pests without breaking or damaging the packaging.

Other commodities require fumigation prior to, or during, export as part of the trading requirements. We are able to organise both the fumigation of containers and the venting of import containers in Nigeria. Gas checking of import containers is also a service which we provide.

A recent survey in Nigerian ports 15%  of the containers were either rejected or detained because they failed the gas test. Their gas vapour levels were just too high. In addition to containers which have been gassed some products such as shoes, electronics and paints generate toxic gases during transit. Examples of these gases include Toluene, Formaldehyde, 1, 2 Dichloroethane, Carbon Monoxide and Ammonia. By checking toxic gas levels, and if necessary venting, prior to delivery to the customer or distribution centre we can ensure that the labour force are not unwittingly exposed to toxic gases.

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