Cleaning Painting & Fumigation Service Company in Okota CHCM

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Cleaning Painting & Fumigation Service Company in Okota CHCM

Cleaning Painting & Fumigation Service Company in Okota

Do you want your house or office professionally cleaned painted or fumigated, do call us today on 08139519555


Painting service company 08139519555 lagos island dolphin ikoyi osborn marina awolowo. We are specially trained to transform your place. Our painters and decorators are the very best. We take pleasure in doing a PERFECT job and have a long list of clients that are and have been satisfied with our services through the years. We use the best paints that fits your budget. We are extremely good at what we do and would love for you to experience our service first hand. please call us today, thank you.
We are simply the best when it comes to painting Interior and exterior painting, we are clearly the best.

gutter cleaning in cele okota

CHCM Services has got well trained professionals to take care of your gutters, to properly and professionally clean them making them as good as new. Are your gutters dirty or is your drainage system blocked, we are your best call. Call us today and you will be glad you did. Please also be informed that we offer free tips on how to maintain your gutters so as to preserve them from destroying your property

  1.  It protects your property from damage by water
  2.  It protect your health and that of your children from harmful diseases
  3.  It brings out the beauty of your home and increases the value of your house
  4. The dangers of harmful organisms making your gutter their habitat is greatly reduced


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