CHCM Cleaning Painting & Fumigation Service Company Garki Asokoro Gudu

CHCM Cleaning Painting & Fumigation Service Company Garki Asokoro Gudu

CHCM Cleaning Painting & Fumigation Service Company Garki Asokoro Gudu


We have the best cleaning service cleaners cleaning and the best fumigation service fumigators and pest control service team in the country.

Have you got a place that you need cleaned, maybe you are moving into a new place and you really need some professional cleaning done in it? call us.

Have you been experiencing mosquitoes and pest and even rodents disturbing you in your lovely home? Not to worry one call from us will put an end to it.

Cleaning Painting & Fumigation service Garki Asokoro Gudu C.H.C.M SERVICES
Cleaning Painting & Fumigation service Garki Asokoro Gudu C.H.C.M SERVICES



Fumigation is simply the eradication of insects and pest from your home or environment by the use of gaseous poisonous solutions.

It is the eradication of pests, it’s a form of pest control that completely eradicates or kills all the insects and rodents in that habitat by use of poisonous gaseous pesticides to sufficiently fill a habit-ed area in order to suffocate and poison the pests and rodents living in that habitat. It is used to control rodents and  pests in buildings (structural fumigation), soil, grain, and produce, and is also used during processing of goods to be imported or exported to prevent transfer exotic organisms.

CHCM SERVICES 08139519555. Sometimes you have properly cleaned your home and yet you wonder how you still wonder why you need a cleaning service to come around, its simple, no matter how much you know about something you can not know beyond the specialist. In all fields they’re specialist that have special areas of concentration and when the case gets beyond the ordinary one is quickly referred to them because of their in dept knowledge in that field. the truth is this, even if you thoroughly cleaned your house for a week straight, you will be amazed at the very clear significant trans-formative change that will occur if you call a cleaning service like us. CALL US TODAY, SEEING IS BELIEVING.

Process Of Fumigation-

Fumigation on a general note will follow this process: First and fore most, the house is inspected to ensure that everything is in order. Food items are properly covered and kept away and anything that could be damaged because of the fumigation will be immediately removed. The area intended to be fumigated is then covered to ensure that no air can get in or out, creating a sealed environment; next the fumigant is released into the habitat, the environment to be fumigated; lastly the fumigant is left for a specified period of time, this will vary depending on the type and size of the structure and the reason for fumigation in the first place. Sometimes the place can be left sealed with the fumigant for days. The average set time to life the fumigated space sealed is 24 hours, then after that time has elapsed the building is then opened to allow the gas escape so that the real inhabitants of the house may re-enter.



We use state of the art solutions chemicals and equipment for the cleaning of your carpets and rugs so you are sure of a more neat and healthy environment to live in.

  • Certified Professionals using the safest methods
  • Your carpet is dried in no time by our machines
  • totally safe for you kids and pets
  • Stains are removed from the carpet without damaging it.



The type of carpet you have will determine the type of cleaning method that can be applied to clean it so when booking its will be required of you to tell us the type of carpet you have got but even if you do not know upon arrival our expert can properly examine you carpet to know the type of carpet it is and then determine the method that will be best for cleaning it.


Most carpets are made of synthetic mixed fiber that is why we majorly use hot water extraction cleaning also popularly known as steam cleaning. Its the most efficient method, the most effective method, the most advanced method, the most productive method recognized by cleaning professionals world wide and it takes out all the stains. If this method is used and any stain remains, that stain cannot ever be removed.



These set of carpets are delicate and need a more tender approach to clean and the only way we can determine the approach to cleaning these types of rugs is to examine it first but one thing is for sure there is not a rug that we cannot clean.


STEP 1:  Vacuuming of the carpet to remove the first layer of looses dust. Our experts will now take a good look at the carpet and examine all the stains and determine the detergents or product to use. The type of stain will determine the type of product to be used but some stains will never come off no matter the method used.

STEP 2:  Now the main cleaning of the carpet using the steam cleaning method which is the most effective way to clean carpets round the world and has got the most outstanding results. Even carpets that are are as good as dead are transformed and brought back to life by this method.


  • The steaming machine is used to deep clean every single spot on the carpet
  • The nuzzle of the steam machine releases water mixed with detergent with very strong pressure on the surface of the carpet and this easily takes out and displaces all the dust that have been accumulated in that spot of the carpet
  • While that is going on a very powerful device is socking all the excess moisture along with all the dirt that has been dislodged
  • This cleans your carpet and dries it at the same moment and up to 95% of the moisture is immediately removed
  • All that is left now is the drying and with the use of our air movers, we can have your carpet completely dry in a few hours.




  • Step 1: A moisture powder is applied over the total surface of the carpet
  • Step 2: Its now rubbed on the surface with a rotating brush at a moderate speed and by doing this the dirt is gradually removed from the carpet
  • Step 3: Finally all the dirt and all the powder are removed with the use of a vacuum.
Pleases note that this method is used because of the delicateness of your carpet and it cannot remove stains


It would be so heart breaking to spill food on your carpet after just deep cleaning it so it is well advised that you use our stain protection solution to protect and preserve your carpets so as to keep them clean loner and make them last even longer. Its quite simple, a stain repellent will be applied over the whole surface of your carpet and what this does is that it helps prevent the absorption of dirt into the carpet and makes it much easier to clean, so peradventure someone spills something on your carpet you can simply just clean it off. This anti stain protection solution can last for up to six whole month.


Our experts use nothing but the best to clean your sofas so they are renewed to last longer and appear brown new.
We have specialist that are very knowledgeable and well trained to handle all your post construction cleaning, so if you just built a house or are building one we are who you should call.
  •  Cleaners are sent in their numbers
  • The best tools, machines and products are used
  • Eko-friendly approach to all cleaning for a heather and safer environment

when ever construction is done or some form of renovation weather large or small, minor or major renovation a lot of dirt will always be left behind that needs to be cleaned and we are the perfect company fit for the job. With so many years of experience and having worked with so many construction companies we have got you completely covered.

we will send to you all the necessary experts you need to get the place properly cleaned up. the experts will take care of all the dirt, debris, left over plasters and tapes, all the paint stains etc. You have nothing to worry about because we have got you completely covered.


After making your booking online with us and clearly stating the day you want our team over to clean your newly built or newly renovated place, our cleaners, technicians, and experts will come to your location, to the specific address you have provided with all the necessary tool. and machines they will need to get the place spotless. the supervisors among them will ensure that the job is done properly and the floors will be polished and shined as well as all the com boards and wardrobes in the apartment.



We are very good at what we do and IN FESTAC TOWN AMUWO ODOFIN LAGOS and you can also find us in LEKKI PHASE 1, LEKKI PHASE 2, AJAH, IKOYI, MAGODO, IKEJA, VICTORIA ISLAND, ABRAHAM ADESANYA, GBAGADA, VI, SURULERE, OSHODI  ISOLO, MARYLAND AND IN ABUJA FIND US IN ASOKORO, MAITAMA, WUSE, GARKI, GWARIMPA. We have well trained and experienced specialist in every field of our establishment. We love what we do and constantly enjoy the expression of amazement from our dear customers at the transformation of their offices, homes and environment. The scope of our cleaning service and the regions our services cover in the country keeps increasing and spreading rapidly
1)     We take the transformation of every spot and every space in your home or work space very personal and very very serious
2)     We are very experienced and have very experienced well trained specialist for every section of your home or work space
3)     We are very thorough and very professional
4)     We aim only to amaze and impress our clients, excellence is what we are known for.


Some times because of your busy schedule its necessary to have a cleaner over to have your place properly cleaned up. This is the best way to have your place thoroughly and professionally cleaned without you having to go through any stress at all.

Daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly cleaning

You could have the same person or person come over to help you with your cleaning

You could pay at the end of the month

No hidden charges

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