CHCM Cleaning Service In Lagos Nigeria

CHCM Cleaning Service In Lagos Nigeria

Cleaning Service In Lagos CHCM LTD

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We Offer only the best Commercial Residential Cleaning service , Janitorial cleaning, maintenance, Industrial Cleaning, One Off Cleaning, Moving Out Cleaning, Regular Scheduled Cleaning, Maid Cleaning, Post Construction Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Surface Cleaning,  Renovation cleaning, Reconstruction Cleaning, Carpet cleaning, Steam Cleaning, Leather and wood cleaning and polishing, Mechanical Cleaning etc

We have been meeting the cleaning needs of many Nigerians for years now and we have the widest range of cleaning service options available in the country.


cleaning service in lagos nigeria CHCM LTD
cleaning service in lagos nigeria CHCM LTD

A list of the types of cleaning services we offer

  1. Moving out cleaning
  2. Moving in cleaning
  3. Post construction cleaning
  4. During construction cleaning
  5. Tile rehabilitation
  6. Tile restoration
  7. Tile rejuvenation
  8. Environmental cleaning
  9. Land space cleaning
  10. After party cleaning
  11. Before party cleaning
  12. Event cleaning
  13. Office cleaning
  14. School cleaning
  15. Janitorial cleaning
  16. Pool cleaning
  17. Deep cleaning
  18. Surface cleaning
  19. Scheduled cleaning
  20. Gutter cleaning
  21. Roof cleaning e.t.c

Moving Out Cleaning in Lagos

This is the cleaning most decent people carry out when they are living a house. This is done the moment they park all their property to live to a new house

Post Construction Cleaning

This is simply the cleaning we carry out after a brown new building has just been completed. this is particularly the most tasking cleaning service among the list of cleaning services and the most expensive.

Moving In Cleaning

This is the cleaning that we carry out for you before you move into a newly rented apartment. It is usually a deep cleaning service

During Construction Cleaning

There are certain types of cleaning and areas that must be cleaned immediately and during construction. This is mostly needed for special expensive and fragile objects that after they have been fixed or mounted into the house will need to be cleaned by only a professional.

Tile Restoration rehabilitation and rejuvenation

These set of service are very similar to each other but what they have in common is that when these service is offered, your tiles are treated till they can appear as brown new and as sparkling as possible.

gutter cleaning

CHCM Services has got well trained professionals to take care of your gutters, to properly and professionally clean them making them as good as new. Are your gutters dirty or is your drainage system blocked, we are your best call. Call us today and you will be glad you did. Please also be informed that we offer free tips on how to maintain your gutters so as to preserve them from destroying your property

  1.  It protects your property from damage by water
  2.  It protect your health and that of your children from harmful diseases
  3.  It brings out the beauty of your home and increases the value of your house
  4. The dangers of harmful organisms making your gutter their habitat is greatly reduced


Environmental Cleaning

This is when we come to help clean your surroundings, the exterior part of your house. It may involve fumigation or a little weeding also it may involve the cleaning and disinfecting of gutters and the disposal of refuge.

Land Space Cleaning

This is the cleaning and preparation of virgin lands for business, events or building construction

After Party Cleaning

This is when we come to clean your home or office after the close of an event or party. It usually involves the cleaning of everything even dishes.

Before Party Cleaning

This is the cleaning we carry out before the start of your event or party. It usually includes a set of stand by cleaners that will assist in cleaning any mess that may occur during the event too.

Pool Cleaning

This is the use of our special solutions and machines to perfectly clean your pool and also treating it against harmful bacteria’s and germs

Deep cleaning

This as the word implies is the type of cleaning that we carry out for our clients who like their space spotless. This type of cleaning is always very detailed and a lot of strong solutions are used.


We can be reached all over Lagos and in most major cities in Nigeria. Also for states that we do not cover, a special booking can be made and we will attend to you for the right price.

We have certified and experienced Well trained technicians that can provide the following services for your flooring needs.

  • Steam clean and deodorise carpet
  • Clean upholstery
  • Clean cubicle partitions
  • Strip and wax VCT floors
  • Scrub restroom tile
  • High-speed buffing
  • Sealed concrete maintenance


Surface cleaning

This is more or less general cleaning. Sometimes your house is not really dirty but maybe just a little untidy and you are not up for taking care of it, that when you call us and we do a surface cleaning.

Scheduled Cleaning

This is a form of contract cleaning where you book our cleaning service to come clean your home or office at certain days, a certain amount of days in a week and month. In this type of service, there is usually a significant discount on the service.

Gutter Cleaning

This is simply when you call us to clean your gutters. Its what i call deep gutter cleaning because the gutters are cleaned so well that they look like they were just made. The gutters are turned spotless and properly treated

Roof Cleaning

This is simply when we come over for the purpose of cleaning just your roof. this service is usually expensive but its worth every dime because just cleaning your roof alone can give your house an amazing look. Just cleaning your roof alone can make it look brown new, not just your roof alone, your whole house can look brown new.

Regular Cleaning

Our regular domestic cleaning services are carried out by our very best certified and insured cleaners. For your peace of mind our employees have been checked and vetted. They are trained and motivated to the highest possible standards. Every cleaner is fully aware of the strict security measures we enforce and is fully versed in our health and safety policies. We always go the extra mile to make sure that our cleaners are not just properly trained but also properly vetted. Its also part of our policy to carry out seasonal and also random re-vetting of our cleaners and that is why we have a very excellent and trust worthy work force.


Our regular residential cleaning service can include: cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, vacuuming hardwood floors and carpets, polishing cabinets, dusting and polishing furnishings, eliminating cobwebs, wiping window sills. cleaning fireplaces, washing floors, cleaning mirrors, removing rubbish, cleaning refrigerators, ovens and microwaves, cleaning surfaces, tidying and much more.


CHCM LTD is one of the best and one of the most reliable and affordable service companies that offer a wide range of services eg CLEANING SERVICE PAINTING SERVICE FUMIGATION SERVICE RENOVATION SERVICE ETC

Thank you , we hope to hear from you very soon.

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