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CHCM Cleaning Fumigation Painting Service Company Oregun Ikeja

CHCM Cleaning Fumigation Painting Service Company Oregun Ikeja


Have no fear, is here. Do you have challenges with cockroaches, mosquitoes, ti-mites, bugs, bed bugs, insects, rodents etc, then it means your house need fumigation to get rid of all these pests that are troubling your beautiful home.

Fumigation is the eradication of pests, it’s a form of pest control that completely eradicates or kills all the insects and rodents in that habitat by use of poisonous gaseous pesticides to sufficiently fill a habit-ed area in order to suffocate and poison the pests and rodents living in that habitat. It is used to control rodents and  pests in buildings (structural fumigation), soil, grain, and produce, and is also used during processing of goods to be imported or exported to prevent transfer exotic organisms.
C.H.C.M SERVICES has got the most experienced and the most trained technicians when it comes to fumigation in Nigeria. We know the right product to use that will best fit the challenge you are going through in your home and that will best suit your habitat. Call us today and you will be amazed at the quality of our service. Its is also important that you know that although we are one of the best, we are actually the most affordable.

Do you have a pest problem? Is it severe, Do you want the most effective pest control solution available on the market? There are very many approaches to this and there are many ways of taking care of this problem but you will find that most of the methods out there and pest control solutions do not actually give you that result that you desire. Sometimes you pay for the same procedure over and over again enquiring bills without getting definite solution to the problem. Please i appeal to you that let us the professionals decide the best method and solution you should use to achieve that which you want in your habitat. Let us help you completely get rid of and completely eradicate all the pests that trouble you. Below are the top 5 reasons where fumigation be comes necessary.

What is a fumigant?

The fumigant is a volatile substance that is used to poison, eradicate and completely eliminate insects. Depending on the area that needs to be treated, there are several types of fumigants in Nigeria. For instance, some are designed to treat tightly sealed spaces, such as storage areas or materials that are enclosed in gas-proof sheets. Others are suitable for treating more open storage areas. The pest challenge you may have will determine the type of fumigant that will be applied in your habitat.


  1. Fumigation covers every nuke and cranny of your home. There are certain places that your normal spray materials and solutions cannot reach but fumigation will get to all those places and completely destroy even the pest that are still in incubation stage and that are still breeding.
  2.  Fumigation is the fastest solution to your pest problem. Most pest control methods can be time consuming and taking too long to materialize substantial effect and change, even baits and sprays. Fumigation is efficient and in less than 24 hours, your pest problem has been taken care of. This is most suitable for commercial establishments in which there’s zero tolerance for pests and the need to stay open 6 days a week. Fumigation will take only one day.
  3. Fumigation is better ideal in sensitive environments, including food processing and storage facilities. There are reduced residue problems in fumigated areas compared to typical pest control treatments.
  4. Fumigation at the long run if more economical. Some would want to argue this but the truth is think of all the discomfort and damage pests can course to your life and property and business, you will see that i am clearly right.
  5. All pest life are in stages and irrespective of  what the present stage of life pest problem you are in, fumigation will eliminate them. Adults and even Eggs, pupae and larvae. Fumigation is the best way to eradicate all the stages of pest present in your space.
  6. Fumigation is  done by professionals who have had a good number of years of experience in the business of pest eradication. With the use of professionals the results are always better and the solution more lasting.


Fumigation Services at Sea

CHCM SERVICES LTD Offers state of the art Shipping and cargo fumigation treatments to control infestations of bulk consignments at sea, and in port; ensuring shipments are transported safely and without risk of contamination.

Fumigation is achieved through in-transit treatment and comprehensive container treatment and  cleaning services.

For more information on the fumigation options available from CHCM SERVICES LTD or to arrange for a free business survey, please call us on 08139519555


We fumigate containers no matter how large or how many, we are equal to the task.

We cover the whole of Lagos and every major state in Nigeria but for remote states that we do not cover, you could still book us and we will go to those states for the right price.

Container Fumigation Gas Checking and Venting in Oregun Ikeja


Almost every food substance or commodities such as rice, dried fruit and nuts are routinely fumigated before they are transported, to ensure that insect pests and eggs are not present within the commodity prior to distribution and packing. In addition other imported products such as packaged foodstuffs, furniture, and baskets  frequently require fumigation on arrival in the Nigeria sometimes as a precautionary measure or when insect presence is detected.

The phosphine gas normally the most effective gas that we use because it penetrates effectively killing all insect pests without breaking or damaging the packaging.

Other commodities require fumigation prior to, or during, export as part of the trading requirements. We are able to organise both the fumigation of containers and the venting of import containers in Nigeria. Gas checking of import containers is also a service which we provide.

A recent survey in Nigerian ports 15%  of the containers were either rejected or detained because they failed the gas test. Their gas vapour levels were just too high. In addition to containers which have been gassed some products such as shoes, electronics and paints generate toxic gases during transit. Examples of these gases include Toluene, Formaldehyde, 1, 2 Dichloroethane, Carbon Monoxide and Ammonia. By checking toxic gas levels, and if necessary venting, prior to delivery to the customer or distribution centre we can ensure that the labour force are not unwittingly exposed to toxic gases.


CHCM SERVICES We perform lots fumigation services all over Nigeria – including the treatment of houses, farm habitats environments, cargoes loaded into sea-going vessels, barges and containers – in ports and logistics centres worldwide. In these order, these services comply with stringent national and international legislation, with best practice and with globally agreed quality and safety standards.

CHCH SERVICES fumigation and pest management services – which are amazing effective and reliable at all stages of the supply chain – include:

  • Fumigation of stored goods
    • Fumigation of bagged and bulk agricultural commodities (e.g. cereals, cocoa, ground nuts, coffee, peanuts, pulses, tomato etc) in silos, in sacks and warehouses
  • Fumigation during or prior to shipment
    • Disinfection of empty holds
    • Denaturation and coloration
    • Fumigation of cargos loaded in barges and other vessels, containers, trains and trucks
  • Biocide treatment of cargoes
    • Treatment of agricultural commodities against insects and mites
  • Disinfection and fumigation for the food and beverage industry (e.g. breweries, flour mills, malt houses)
  • Pre-shipment treatment of wooden packaging materials (e.g. crates, dunnage, pallets, lashings) according to International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures-15 (ISPM-15)
  • Quarantine fumigation of wood and timber, to obtain a phytosanitary certificate
  • Ventilation and gas-free measurement


Our Pest Control Service in Oregun Ikeja


CHCM fumigation pest control services preserves and protect your habitat, goods and product plus , e make sure you attain the health and safety regulatory standards. By doing this, we significantly helps reduce the risk of contamination and preserves your reputation and brand image.

To prevent and eliminate the threat of insects and rodents at every stage of the supply chain and throughout the production process, our integrated pest management services include:

  • Monitoring, prevention and curative control of:
    • Insects
    • Rodents
    • Stored product pests
  • Non-toxic pest control systems
  • Bio risk assessments
  • Documented pest management systems
  • Auditing of hygiene and pest management standards

Our pest control programmes establish working practices that, together with the use of advanced technologies, allow you to comply with stringent local and international legislation and standards.

To be more informed on how our pest management services can help you meet quality, health and safety regulations, and safeguard your goods throughout the supply chain, call 08139519555 today and you will be glad you did.

  • Same-day and weekend booking options
  • The 3-visit service guarantees best results
  • Heat treatment available upon request
  • Disinfection and sanitation upon request
  • Unbranded technicians for a discreet service
  • Emergency, same-day treatmentsin Ijegun Isheri Ikotun
  • Inspection with endoscope cameras
  • Mice proofing is included in the service
  • Discreet service

Fantastic Bed Bug Treatment in Oregun Ikeja


It can be tricky and quite difficult to spot a bed bug infestation as these creatures occupy small crevices, such as the ones provided by your bed and other pieces of furniture around your home.


Once your property is infested, it’s extremely important to take immediate actions as bed bugs can cause serious health problems like skin rashes and allergies, not to mention how hard

it becomes to destroy a developed infestation. CHCM SERVICES Pest Control will be happy to help you deal with your problem, and make sure you and your family are safe.

We offer a powerful bed bug treatment procedure that destroys the entire bed bug colony.

We have been in the business for 10 years now so we know the very best approach that will ensure total eradication of the rodents and pest that disturb the peace of your home.

Health care hospital fumigation and pest control service in Oregun Ikeja


Pest control in hospitals cannot be over emphasised because it has a very very important role in preventing secondary infection in hospitals, surgeries and nursing homes.

As one of the leading expert in fumigation and  pest control services, CHCM SERVICES has the expertise to deliver the highest level of reassurance against pests, while being sensitive to the special needs of working in a healthcare environment.

By their nature, healthcare facilities are busy places and it is difficult to prevent flies, rodents, cockroaches and other insects such as termites bed bug and ants from entering the building and thriving with the food and warmth they can find there.

These pests are a serious threat in every environment, but in primary healthcare, the risk of cross-contamination is acute.

Mouse Rats Rodent Control in Oregun Ikeja


A mouse or rat problem can be serious trouble for any business. Our CHCM LTD professionals and  certified expert’s have got great knowledge and proactive methods that will ensure you have maximum protection against rodents like rats and mice, enabling you to focus on your business dealings and customers.

If you spot signs of rodents, rats or mice such as gnawed items, mouse droppings, or a strong smell of ammonia contact us immediately:

  • We guarantee to arrange a discreet appointment at a convenient time for you and your business.
  • Our local CHCM SERVICES LTD certified Surveyor will carry out a free business site survey and propose a tailored solution to your rodent, mouse, or rat issue.
  • We’ll arrange appropriate times for a local CHCM certified technician to visit your premises and begin resolving your mouse problem, with the minimum of fuss or disruption to your business. Several visits may be required to successfully resolve rodent issues.
  • To help you fully understand all it will take, Our technician will introduce themselves when they arrive and run through the treatment process before starting work.
  • This is followed up by regular inspection visits and expert advice on how to keep your business rodent-free in the future.
  • Our expert, discreet service will help protect your business and reputation.

Our highly trained and CHCM certified experts have wide-ranging experience in quickly and effectively resolving mouse infestations across a variety of industries from Food Processing and Pharmaceuticals to Hotels, Restaurants, Shops and Offices.

Mice can be particularly damaging for businesses involved in food – manufacturing, catering or food retail industries. Our surveyors and technicians have the most up to date, and through knowledge of relevant Food legislation that affects these complex businesses. This ensures we provide the most cost effective and legally compliant solutions to any mouse infestation.

Not only do our business customers benefit from our expertise and in-depth knowledge, we provide treatments and solutions that are industry leading, to resolve your rodent issues swiftly and effectively with the minimum of disruption to your staff and customers.

Our mouse control solutions include proactive as well as reactive treatments:

  • Mouse Monitor Unit – early, accurate detection of mice in your business. The MMU uses advanced infra-red sensor technology, which is ideal for use in sensitive areas where the use of rodenticides could be an issue.
  • Bait Free Bar – (Rodent Activated Detection And Riddance) captures eliminates and isolates mice quickly, cleanly and humanely without the use of toxic bait.
  • Thermal Image survey– night time thermal imaging of premises, when mice are most active, to pinpoint areas to treat, limiting interruption to your business operations.
  • Raid Pro Mouse– fast acting, acute rodenticide more humane solution than anticoagulants, as one feed puts affected mice to sleep permanently.
  • Rodent Odour Control – using unique, discreet & effective scenting cubes to mask the odours associated with rodent activity & decomposition.
chcm rat fumigation pest contol and eradication
CHCM rat fumigation pest control & eradication



  • Ants
  • Wasps
  • Moths
  • Stinging Insects
  • Biting Insects
  • Insects


  • Ants
  • Fleas
  • Bed Bugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Spider
  • Woodworm


  • Mosquitoes
  • Midges
  • Wasps
  • Flies


  • Birds
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Moles
  • Snakes
  • Other wild life unwanted rodents

Auto Gate Bait Rodent Bait Station

Rats are a very disturbing and a a every present concern for businesses, especially when rodents are foraging on the

periphery or looking to find ways to enter a premise in search of food. Rats can be very persistent even gnawing through metal to get in,

and if they do gain access into your premises they can spread diseases, cause damage and contaminate food and other products.

For hospitals and food processing and retail businesses businesses in particular a rat infestation can have major health and safety implications as well as a negative impact on your reputation.

The External Auto Rodent Bait System

This is a simple bait trap system that is placed outside to lure the rodent in. It is very effective and very efficient because it takes care of your rodent problem way before they even get into your premises. It is placed by a specialist, who sets them up at the rout where by his research has detected to be the path the rat is most likely to take into the premises

  • Effective control of rats – allows strategic external baiting using rodenticide
  • Rat infestations controlled swiftly – as AutoGate enables immediate rodenticide treatment
  • Targeted baiting programme – with reduced impact on the environment
  • Provides information on rat activity – driving informed decision making and aiding future control
  • Safer use of pesticides – AutoGate allows highly targeted use of rodenticide in high risk areas, where non-target species may be present



Bed bugs have always proven to be the most difficult amongst pest to eradicate in most homes and offices and that is why we have now introduced the heat and go system which is very effective and Eco friendly


Our 10kw convection heater is set up in the infested space and when put on, it heats that space up to 50 degrees c, which will destroy all the bedbugs and their eggs killing them completely



C.H.C.M SERVICES has got the best painters in the country and each of them have been well trained and have been painting for years. There are so many reasons why you should choose C.H.C.M to do your painting of your house or office but the three most important reasons are;

We are highly trained professionals
We actually love to paint
We have years of experience on our side
OUR HOUSE PAINTING SERVICE is the best in the country, we are efficient and finish all our painting jobs on time. We are very meticulous about every single spot and that is why we always live your house looking so amazing.


CHCM cleaning service company Lekki Ajah, fumigation service, pest control service, painting service and more is what we offer in Lekki Ajah and the whole of Nigeria. we offer commercial janitorial cleaning service, industrial cleaning, moving in cleaning, moving out cleaning, post construction cleaning, window cleaning, door cleaning, inter lock washing and cleaning, marble cleaning polishing and restoration, carpet washing, steam cleaning, wood cleaning, frame cleaning, one off cleaning, regular scheduled cleaning, permanent cleaning assistant, office janitor and cleaner, residential cleaning, managerial cleaning, environmental cleaning, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, wall cleaning, barn cleaning etc

You really need to call us because there are some things that just need to be personally experienced, you need to experience the professional touch of To be qualified as a professional it means that you have scaled all the qualification requirement with flying colours and have been attested great by lots and lots of professional assessment bodies and also a long list of very satisfied customers. is truly a very professional cleaning service company which offers the widest range of cleaning services to the largest amount of customers in Nigeria.

Do you want that professional touch or that feel of professional experience with the clear amazing results that go with it? Call us immediately and you will be very glad you did.

Our team of cleaners a well trained and well mannered. They have been properly vetted so you have nothing to worry about because all your properties are a thousand percent safe in our care.

Take a good look through our website and see all we have to offer, our various services at you disposal. Remember, when ever you need a professional touch, we are your very best call. Call us today. Thank you


gutter cleaning in Jakande Bucknor Oke-Afa

CHCM Services has got well trained professionals to take care of your gutters, to properly and professionally clean them making them as good as new. Are your gutters dirty or is your drainage system blocked, we are your best call. Call us today and you will be glad you did. Please also be informed that we offer free tips on how to maintain your gutters so as to preserve them from destroying your property

  1.  It protects your property from damage by water
  2.  It protect your health and that of your children from harmful diseases
  3.  It brings out the beauty of your home and increases the value of your house
  4. The dangers of harmful organisms making your gutter their habitat is greatly reduced



This may sound far fetched but you can use vinegar to clean your micro wave, you will be surprised at the amazing results.

cleaning service Building Maintenance


           The easiest way to answer this question is to ask another question. Why go to a hospital to see a doctor when you could just self medicate? The answer he knows better and would give you a far better and professional care than you could possibly give yourself. Your doctor will run a full diagnostics on you and have you take the right test before administering prescriptions and treatment of your illness whether great or small. 

            So, why hire a building maintenance company for your buildings needs? The answer is simple, just like a doctor would  run a full diagnostics on a patient and have them take all the right test before administering prescriptions and treatment for their illness whether great or small. A building maintenance company will do something similar to your building to your building.

A building maintenance company will run a full professional check on your building and come up with a full report of all that needs to be done in your building in their order of importance and necessity and if its a building maintenance company like you will be given the complete, most efficient, and the most affordable help and solutions that your buildings need.

Sometimes a building may need internal or external repairs, sometimes structural corrections, sometimes renovation of certain areas, sometimes reconstruction, sometimes tests for its quality, sometimes a bit of carpentry, sometimes plumbing, sometimes painting, sometimes cleaning etc. The best and most efficient way to take care of your building needs is to take advantage of a company like and then you can relax and be sure that you and you building are in capable hands.

There is an order for every solution your building may need and its only a professional and experienced company that can determine that order. Like a doctor would give you prescriptions in different dosses and require you to take them or recieve them at different times so it is with a building maintenance company, they know the right order, what must be done first, what could be done at the same time, and that must come last.


Our tiles get dirty everyday by a hundred and one ways every day. Food drop-ens water, tea, stains, dust, sand, pets dung etc

  • sweep the floors daily to take out all the dirt’s on the surface dirt left for too long tend to wear out your tile floors and make them look old.
  • Mop the floors, wish worm water and some detergent and always change the water you use in mopping as often as possible because the state of your water is the state of your floors.
  • Scrub the surface to remove substances that are stock to your tiles.
  • when you come across hazy films, remove them with a special and stronger solution, there are various products for that, just make sure you use a product that you can trust. A simple trick is to mix lemon juice and vinegar with hot water and try applying it on the exact spot or surface where the hazy films may be and then use a towel and with a little bit of force, dry your floors.
  • A very important place to clean on your floors id the grunt. its one place that absorbs and retains lots and lots of dirt and to do this properly you will need a grunt spray and its my advice that when using this spray you make sure you are putting on gloves because these prays and products are a bit hash and will not be too good if too much of it comes on your skin.
  • You can clean ceramic ceramic tiles with hydrogen peroxide, especially those that have been stained for a long time.
  • when it comes to grease stains that may be on your tiles you could thoroughly wash them with soda water and any good recommended floor cleaning product.
Just be proper and regular cleaning of your tile floors you can preserve them and keep them looking new foe so many years.
Cleaning, washing, polishing
We know how to properly clean and restore your tiles and marbles.  


You have nothing to worry about all you need to do is give us a call and we will be at your service to take care of the problem.

we have been in the business of pest and rodent eradication for quite some time now so you have all the training and experience to give you a pest free home.

When you place a call on our line, you will only be asked a few questions and while you answer them, a form will be automatically filled for you and with that the technician will have an idea of what he is going to be dealing with in your home or office. The question are not difficult or time consuming.

Three major questions you will be asked are:




Please call us today for that professional touch and you will be glad you did.

Fumigation is the eradication of pests, it’s a form of pest control that completely eradicates or kills all the insects and rodents in that habitat by use of poisonous gaseous pesticides to sufficiently fill a habit-ed area in order to suffocate and poison the pests and rodents living in that habitat. It is used to control rodents and  pests in buildings (structural fumigation), soil, grain, and produce, and is also used during processing of goods to be imported or exported to prevent transfer exotic organisms.



Always make sure that the leads for all your dust bins are sealed tight even the ones outside and make sure that no dirt especially of food leftovers is found around the dust bins even the the tiniest fragment, by doing this, you will keep rodent away from your home. thank you.

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